Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

     To our valid uses we put forth our terms and conditions to be followed when enrolling and playing the games. It will be of our happiest moments if any valid user really adheres  to the our terms and conditions.

      Violation if any found among our users, they will be debarred from using our site without concern of any site.

Transition of our terms and conditions

     The users have to check the terms and condition underlying below before their enrollment to our site.

     Change will be made by the admin at any point of time.

      If any user intends to enjoy his/her journey with our site, even after the change in terms and conditions, it implies he/she has gone through the protocols and accepted it.

      The services rendered by our site may with or without notice be suspended at any point of time.

Supplementary terms

      With respect to the content of our website, rules/guidelines may vary from game to game. Having read the protocols of each game that is enjoyed, the user has to abide by the rules with respect to the content.

       Following the above condition signifies that the user has accepted all sort of supplementary Conditions also.

Enroll to enjoy

        You can enroll our site at any point of team and enjoy our games, Registration to our site can be man be made through your email id Facebook or twitter accounts.

        After enrolling and using a valid user, you can personalize the games you have chosen by following our directions.

        You can be secure while registering or enjoying games in our site.

        In case of any inconvenience of your presence in our site, you are free to contact us through mail.

Obligation to the users

       It is the responsibility to entities to check periodically our terms and conditions; it may change anytime for advancement purpose. If you continue to agree with the changes, it indicates that you have accepted our conditions.

       The valid entity may visit site at any time and use our website only for the purpose of having fun and not to violate or harm any other entity in the site. To ensure safety to the site and all entities, the rules must be abided as mentioned below:

(1) Do not violate or infringe the right of others and patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, publicity or any other proprietary rights.

(2) It is unlawful to threaten abuse, harass, misrepresent scandal, mislead, dishonest, aggress other's privacy or torture others, or submit explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual acts, or pornographic images.

(3) Do not unjust, harass, degrade or intimidate an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability.

(4) Do not encourage demeanours who establish a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.

(5) Do not interferes with the use of the Websites by others.

(6) Do not submit violating photos which embarrasses the entities and the site.

        Entities cannot use our website and relish or advertise without our knowledge or produce any false information about others without our knowledge except oneself. We request the entity not to share or transfer their passwords and keep their profile updated. We request you abide our conditions.

Age Limitations

       Children under the age of 13 years are not encouraged accessing our site. Users are expected to be genuine on revealing their age.

       Parents or guardians of the user under 13 years of age has to be vigilant on the course of activities  of their wards. The site does not own to anything in case of some undesirable events

       Happening to the users under the age of 13

      We assign these term in order to ensure that the uses who are in connection with is enjoying their games are always secure

      Thus the uses are encouraged to have a safe and secure enjoyment of the games from our site by abiding to our terms and conditions.


Hello there! You're looking at G4E Games4Escape. Games for escape are world of games filled with plenty of pleasure. These games gives us feeling of ecstasy, a pleasure, an excitement until we are logged on to the game. The ways and means that has to be taken for unwinding the riddle is by itself a wonderful experience for the player. The indoor games is a pack of entertainment and pleasure for the player to while away his time solving baffles. The player will have to keep his mind alert and always filled with different ideas as long as he plays the game. An Utopian land is what will be felt by the one who plays the game. As the player moves from one level to the next, he is moved by the energetic feel of new puzzles that comes the way. The player gets more excited that he kick-starts all the upcoming levels. The games for escape are always available online. People are entangled in an awesome manner that he never feels to get rid of the play. These games are stupendous in nature such that we urge for more version/levels from the developer. Hope you enjoy our session with us.

Room Escape Games

The room games are designed for all variety of people, right from the child to adults. These games are charismatic in many aspects such as aesthetic sense i.e., in defining colors, contours, 3D images etc. The game concentrates much on the player who plays it, where he has to find his own way to get out of the puzzled room. The player has to decide and formulate his/her own strategies to step out of the room. Solving the riddle becomes the challenge for the players which keep them more focused while playing. This room games becomes fascinating glue for the players who never give up playing. Now that this is left for all those who take up the challenge and feel the favor of the game.

Forest Escape Games

Forest an entity in nature by itself is wonderful, beautiful, full of mysteries, some times Terrifying, informative for data seekers. All such experiences are put in a nutshell for the cloak-and-dagger wishers to feel the same in this forest games. The player in this game is surrounded by all type of dangers and he has to formulate his unique way to get rid of himself in such situations. Let’s hope that the player takes all stringent measures to feel the essence of the mysterious forest. Get set go….